Hello!! My name is HAHAHA. I am a creative and art advocate, meaning I share, purchase, commission, host giveaways, host art challenges, collaborate, trade, talk with, and give constructive criticism to/with many artists. As well as make my own art as much as possible. I try and build relationships with people and have an established connection in order to bring joy/friendship in a common connection (art), possibly an alternative/a second perspective, and most importanlty be a confidant when advice or opinions are asked for! Having someone to come talk to is more important then its made out to be!! Including all this, shout outs and sharing work by artists is a MUST, giving those people oppurtunity to be seen by just that many more people.


I am truly honored to be hosted here by @tryoncorinne! I only met them a few months ago, but if the community on Instagram has shown me anything its that kindess is replaced with kindess. You get what you give. I am VERY happy to say I host as many people as I can, luckily there are so many amazing artists all over the world who use Instagram to host their work. Through this I have made a lot of friends and worked with many artists I admire, I just reached out and asked. That is very simply put how I started on Instagram about a year and a half ago now.. and it has done me wonders; giving goodness without asking anything in return and commonly getting it back ten fold.

  As well as many other things it is common these days for me to be making CLOUDS, drawing them, painting them, embroidering them, making textile clouds, what ever I can get my hands on. I love to work in many many mediums, hence my overflowing art space (ugh haha) or also working on portraits for trade or shows or what ever may be going on at the time. I am always up to something. Working with many types of artists, visual, fine art, collectors, estheticians, photographers, and tailors (clothing makers/alterers), musicians, etc. If I’ve purchased from you, worked with, or had the chance to take your card I still have it, and its in that picture of my desk. You’re all why I keep doing what I do.

Pictures here are of my studio, my tiny home and art space. I plan to host many art gatherings here, I have only had a few so far, as I recently moved in!! The adventure awaits.

Come follow my chaos @DRAWNBYLAUGHING on Instagram

Thank you for your time

May your days forever be filled with joy 💖