TRYON | Laura Lancaster

TRYON |Laura Lancaster

I have always been fascinated by the world of miniatures. As a child I spent hours alone in my bedroom playing with miniatures and toys. They occupied every nook and cranny, arranged in complex configurations; engaged in elaborate story lines that always involved several tiny feasts.

Laura and Kitty - cropped
Sketchbook idea 2_Rev3-withshipname-outlined-straight

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Laura's Little Universe

There is something so captivating about holding an entire world that you are physically unable to enter between your fingertips. Returning to the world of miniatures as an artist and an adult presents an interesting opportunity to delve deep into illusion relatively unconstrained. It has opened a new path of artistic exploration; allowing me to be playful, while at the same time refining my skills. For me, working in miniature is meditative. I spend hours lost in minute detail; disengaged from the heaviness of the world. It’s liberating to make art purely for the intention of happiness.

It’s not serious. It’s fun.

Insideout Cake 2
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